6 Months flew by – review of the blog and website so far

Well time really has flown. When I launched this site six months ago I knew I had a lot to learn but had already made some decisions. I still have a lot to learn and have changed my mind about most of the decisions. Isn’t that usually the way.

The biggest change is that I have decided to focus only on my leather work. No doubt I will still tinker with programming but no longer have plans to build part of my business around it. Part of this change in or dare I say focusing of focus will be a change in how I manage this site. I’m still using WordPress but will be using Thrive Themes and plugins rather than coding more with the wonderful Weaver Xtreme Plus. This change is also a perfect time for a redesign so you will be able to see some changes here over the next couple of weeks.

Blog writing has not been very regular. I had hoped to post something at least once a month and have fallen short on that for which I apologise. I will continue to work on improving my output of blog posts and will also be adding a Now page so that even if I don’t have a bigger piece to share I can share smaller content about where I am at with projects.If you are interested there is a bit of a Now Page movement developing following Derek Shivers blog post last October.

So what of the next six months?

Work flow will be disrupted at different times over the next 6 months with a house move and some other family stuff going on. That said I’m confident I can keep that disruption to a minimum with the different tools and habits I have gained through Owner Media’s great webinars and the fantastic 20 Minute Plan Jumpstart. If you are looking to increase your productivity and grow a business you should definitely check out what Chris, Rob and Ron have to offer.

Some of my plans have changed as a result. The new bag design I have been working on and that some of you have been kind enough to help with is on hold. The Kickstarter to launch it will need time when I can focus on it without disruption. Bags also take longer to make which in turn makes that work harder to fit around other things.

However this has made space for the work I have been doing on cases, with the Pencil Quiver soon to be available through the shop with the option to make your own with my first pattern with instructions too. Have to admit to equal parts excitement and nerves at the prospect of filming of a build along for this.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello, email me. It would be great to hear from you!

Best wishes.