Fear and Procrastination be gone and take Worry with you!

Hello, I hope 2016 is being good to you.

So far it is making me feel spoiled rotten as I am on a trip to Australia enjoying the warmth and sunshine of summer while home gets cold. The trip is down to my other half having an extended work trip over here which created an opportunity for me not to miss. That is what most people would think, right?

Well believe it or not I hesitated. A few months ago I was concerned about what I would do while I was here. How I could make work part of the trip? How could I continue building the momentum of this blog?

I got ‘make work part of the trip’ covered pretty quickly with
A travel tool kit
An idea for a design to develop
Frameworks from Owner Media to work on my systems and plan for the year.
Galleries and Museums, always good for research and inspiration

Concern about how to continue building the momentum of this blog has proven more tricky.

Do you ever wrap your fears so they are not even recognisable?

On this occasion I have surpassed myself. ‘Continue building the momentum of this blog’ – is just a fancy way of packaging my fear and still faltering discipline to write. Perfect for a self fulfilling prophecy. Which began before I left. Fuelled by worry I have procrastinated.
* How do I explain the trip?
* What should I write about?
* Can I manage my website with my iPad and not my desktop?
I could go on and share even more embarrassingly ‘first world problems’ but I think
you get the point.

I had lost sight of the point.

Then today I went for a walk and remembered I launched this blog to “share what I know, and my journey in learning more about making Leather Goods, Coding websites, and growing a Business.”.
Struggling to write a post is part of that. I am just at the beginning. Learning, stumbling and adapting to the changes that come along.

So what about my worries
* Trip explained in one sentence. That was not so hard
* I’m trusting that I’m finding my way in what to write about. So far seeming very me centric but I’m also trusting that will change in time. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know.
* I knew that I spend a lot of time on the computer. However had not fully realised how much of a comfort blanket coding, formatting, editing and apps had become until I was faced with not having access. It disturbed me while at the same time I recognised it was ridiculous as you need none of that to write and Sydney has very good public libraries with computers and internet access. (Limited internet access has been an eye opener to how much we rely on it and the time I can waste with it. Really good change in perspective.)

As to any other worries, I’m going with the the Australian saying, ‘No worries’.

Thank you for reading.