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Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I am Gillian Urquhart. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland and soon to be living in Dundee. I am wondered by woodland, thrive/revive best by the sea and believe life is sweeter when there is somewhere to hang a hammock. I’ve made this web site because of two of my passions in life, making things out of leather and computer programming.

Why a website about making things out of leather?
Simply put Leatherwork gives me so much and I want to share it. Through leather goods that I make, patterns for people to make their own and teaching the techniques involved in the making of those goods.
I discovered Leatherworking by accident while sourcing material for another craft, seeing a bag of assorted leather offcuts on offer I found my curiosity piqued and put one in my shopping basket, little knowing where it would lead. Once I started to learn about the possibilities of leather I was, as they say, hooked and set about teaching myself as much as I could. Thanks to the great range of things that you can make and ways that you can use leather I think that that will be a journey that continues for the rest of my life.
That journey is fueled by seeing a problem and wanting to solve it. Whether that be a useful way to carry your money (Quick Change Purse) or a bag design that responds to modern needs while looking timeless (I’m working on this one). Photos of some of what I have made can be found on the Galleries page.

How does that fit with computer programming?
Well, the same principle applies. Seeing a problem and wanting to solve it. I first discovered computer programming years ago. When I left school I studied some Engineering and some Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. Then spent years not using much of either while programming languages developed almost beyond recognition. In 2008 I bought a hosting package and domain and set about learning how to program a web site. This was inspired by thinking that if I wanted to make a business out of my leatherwork I should probably have a website. In fact over the last few years when friends have asked me what I’ve been doing I have often answered “I’m working on my web site”. My goal was to understand how it worked and not have to pay someone else to manage it even though as a business owner I would have been better off doing exactly that and focusing on other things. Although it should have been obvious to me, it took till this summer for me to realise it was also largely because I enjoyed it. I had already taught myself a lot becoming competent in HTML and CSS when I was learning php and getting to grips with coding WordPress themes I realised my learning could do with more structure and some company. This led me to a course that I would now highly recommend. [The Complete Web Developer Course by Rob Percival through Udemy](

The reason I had time this year to realise all this and take courses is that circumstances have meant the majority of my work shop has been packed up in preperation for a house move and while I take care of some family responsibilities.
This has also allowed me to take a step back and consider how I have attempted to create a business with my leather work.

However I think that is for another time as this page is getting rather long. As always join my email list to benefit from exclusive offers and if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello email me or use the message form at the bottom of the sidebar. It would be great to hear from you!

Best wishes.


Examples of previous Leatherwork